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We're Going To Give You A Million-Dollar Pitch Deck For Your New Product Idea In 7 Days.

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We’re Ed and Morven, and we help Entrepreneurs and Product Inventors create a magnetic pitch for their new physical product idea that attracts the right investors and prompts their response.

Together, we have more than 20 years of experience in a variety of modern industries and lead a team of world-class designers, marketers, and engineers in prototyping and testing laboratories.

We have worked on over 160 projects to date, and we currently have clients globally in the US, Europe, UK and Norway.

We’re looking to work with Entrepreneurs and Inventors who have a great physical product or idea and want a million-dollar pitch they can take to the investors’ table in the next 7 days.

💡 Your idea.

🤝 Our expertise.

🚀 7 days.

We will personally:

✅ Conduct a thorough analysis of the current state of your invention

✅ Make sure your invention and IP is protected with the proper patent and NDA’s

✅ Provide personalized feedback on product/market fit and pricing strategies 

✅ Offer marketing ideas to make your product idea completely 'pitch ready' to bring to investors

...and give you the secret weapon to your new idea:

A million-dollar pitch deck. 💰

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